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We offer basic and advanced tailor made courses in the following disciplines:

1. Counter - terrorism and Close quarter battle.

2. Short range Executive protection training.

3. Special forces training.

4. Security personal training.

5. Hand to hand combat training (Israeli Krav Maga).

Our team of instructors are all ex Israeli special forces and are currently active in their army reserve units .

Our instructors knowledge is derived from extensive fieldwork with years of experience as fighters and instructors at various training facilities.

Basic approach to al courses is simplicity and taking the initiative of the fight from the attacker to you !

Courses will change the way the student thinks and reacts to attacks and states of emergency.

Basic 3 day course

  • Long weapon static control
  • Basic shooting positions
  • Basic movement exercises
  • Surprise exercises
  • Basic shelter work
  • Krav Maga basic skills

10 day course

  • Long weapon static control
  • Short weapon static control
  • Basic shooting positions
  • Basic movement exercises
  • Advanced movement exercises
  • Surprise exercises : simple to complex
  • shelter work
  • Long weapon dynamic control
  • Short weapon dynamic control
  • House scanning
  • Street scanning *
  • Krav Maga crowd control
  • Krav maga knife/pistol control
  • Hand to hand fighting
  • Non lethal arrest

Long weapon Movement control exercises